Site Updates

March 20, 2012

My Notepad Info has been moved to a new host. The only impact for users is that the site should be a bit faster now, and the sporadic saving errors should be gone.

Febuary, 2012

Six or so years after I first wrote My Notepad Info, I've given it a major revisement.

The site premise is still the same and most of what it does is still the same. I didn't want change what it is, just how it works. The original site was basically a quick hack job, so I rewrote the entire client and server to clean things up, add features, and address bugs. I also redid a lot of the theme.

Visible changes:

Behind the scenes changes:

Please let me know if the new site breaks for you, feedback is welcome. The new design includes some HTML5 features and very little fallback for older browsers. Any browser from the last 2 years should work fine, but, and if for some reason it doesn't work in a browser more than 2 years old, I'm not interested in fixing it -- sorry.

Note that all accounts had their notepad size reset -- sorry about that. I changed how notepad sizes are stored and the conversion wasn't perfectly clean, so everyone got reset to the default size for simplicity. Feel free to change it again.


I made a few minor styling tweaks. No functionality changes.


The site went live.

I originally wrote My Notepad Info for myself. Before smartphones, 4G, and high bandwidth, I got tired of e-mailing myself links from school computers. I couldn't find any online notepad that had exactly what I wanted, so I wrote one myself. I wrote the first version from scratch in about 8 hours. It was both a quick hack to get the online notepad I wanted and an excuse to learn a bit about AJAX. I never publicized the site much, it was honestly just for myself.